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Watch: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Doubles Down ‘Trump Has Heart Disease’ Health Not ‘Excellent’

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta doubled down on his high-profile criticism of Donald Trump’s health check results by publicly proclaiming that Trump ‘most likely’ has common heart disease and is absolutely NOT in “Excellent” health as White House physician Dr. Jackson testified this week. The claims came amidst the backdrop of Dr. Gupta’s sharp criticism ofRead More

Watch: Steve Bannon Named ‘Clown of the Week’ By Leading Podcast

Steve Bannon was named “Clown of the Week” by leading podcast Radio Free USA, sponsored by Democratic Memes. Bannon bested White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller, who placed a close second, in the weekly competition to crown the clown of the Week. Radio Free USA celebrated their 30th podcast this week, and have thousandsRead More

Watch: Jake Tapper Battles Stephen Miller & Triggers Meltdown Live on CNN

This video is a true gem! Jake Tapper battles Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller on a range of topics, triggering an epic meltdown live on CNN! Miller called Tapper “condescending” numerous times and delivered a disgraceful performance on Sunday Morning National Television that went off the rails. Tapper pressed Miller on Trump’s mental stability,Read More

EPA Exodus: More than 700 Employees Have Left Since Trump Took Office

Donald Trump’s Administration made no secret of their plans to massive cut and undermine the EPA. It appears Trump has kept his promise. Since appointing Climate Change denier Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator, more than 700 EPA employees (mostly scientists) have left the agency charged with ensuring clear air, clean water, and environmental protection. InRead More

Watch: Jake Tapper Lambasts Trump For Racist Anti-Muslim Tweets

CNN host Jake Tapper lambasted Donald Trump for a series of racist retweets falsely accusing Muslims of violence against Christians, in an effort to stoke fear and religious hatred among his 47 million followers on Twitter. Trump re-tweeted three videos originally posted by an extremist British political leader, Jayda Fransen, that showed unidentified individuals committingRead More

Watch: Trump insults Navajo Code Talkers with ‘Pocahontas’ Gaffe

Trump insulted three “Navajo Code Talkers” with a flippant reference to Pocahontas during a White House ceremony celebrating their contributions to the US Marine Corps during World War II. Mid sentence, amidst praise for the Code Talkers, Trump managed to squeeze in an insult against U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren with a reference to Pocahontas, aRead More

Watch: Democrats Fear Trump Too ‘Unstable’ For Nuclear Powers

Democrats are launching hearings questioning the appropriateness, authority, and powers the President of the United States has to launch nuclear weapons over fears that Trump is too ‘unstable’ and impulsive. The CNN report below shows the severity of the concerns many’s U.S. senators have in relation to Trump’s mental capacity, stability, and judgement in relationRead More

Watch: Republican Senator Calls Trump White House “Adult Day Care”

Republican Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) reportedly called the Trump White House “Adult Day Care” according to reporting by multiple news outlets including CNN (below) and MSNBC.  Corker’s comments symbolize Republican sentiment in the Senate, a mounting frustration at the untenable position of governing responsibly while simultaneously backing a toddler as Commander-in-Chief.  Senator Corker recently announcedRead More

Watch: Trump Says Las Vegas Gunman Was  ‘Probably Smart’ 

If there were textbooks or encyclopedia entries written on how democratic leaders should communicate following a mass shooting, certainly calling the alleged gunman “Smart” would not be advised.  On the contrary, Donald Trump is President and anything is possible in our ‘through the looking glass’ society.  Trump took to the airwaves in a lengthy interviewRead More

Watch: Mnuchin Spent $15,000 On Jets To Join Trump Tower Press Event 

According to CNN Money, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin cost taxpayers as much as $15,000 for a day trip to Trump Tower to join a press conference that was supposed to be about infrastructure but was hijacked by Trump’s Charlottesville comments.  This is one of many flagrant examples of Trump Administration malfeasance with taxpayer money. HHSRead More