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Watch: GOP Senator “FBI Secret Society” Working To Overthrow Trump

Senator Ron Johnson claims an “informant” has news about the FBI “Secret Society” working to overthrow President Trump. The comments sparked controversy and outrage at the notion that a sitting United States Senator would broadcast such a bonkers conspiracy theory live on national television. Trump’s rhetoric lambasting the FBI and intelligence agencies has reached newRead More

Watch: Don Lemon To Trump “What Grade Are You In?”

CNN’s Don Lemon slammed Trump’s juvenile behavior this week by asking the question on all of our minds, “What grade are you in?” The petulant actions of the President offer a never ending replay real of embarrassing and inflammatory content that has turned the United States into a global laughingstock. Overnight Trump took to TwitterRead More

Watch: Hypocrite Pastor Defends Salacious Trump Porn Star Affair

Pastor Graham defended Trump in a CNN interview despite the salacious affair allegations involving POTUS and porn star Stormy Daniels, calling Trump “A changed man.” A troubling trend has emerged among evangelical pastors and voters dismissing the Trump-Stormy Daniels affair as “Fake News” while making excuses for Trump even if the allegations are accurate. It’sRead More

Watch: SNL Robert Mueller Parody Will Make Your Day

The Saturday Night Live parody of Robert Mueller will make your day! This week we learned that Jeff Sessions was interrogated by Mueller’s investigators for hours, in a move that infuriated Trump. It’s clear to all conscious observers that the noose of Mueller’s investigation is tightening around the neck of the Trump White House. KeyRead More

Watch: Paul Ryan Got A Lot Of Koch Money After Passing GOP Tax Scam

Paul Ryan got a lot of Koch money after passing the GOP Tax Scam law that defrauded taxpayers and blew a massive $1 Trillion hole in the national debt. The Koch Brothers invested billions in right wing Republican and will receive a huge payday from the new tax law changes aimed at securing a permanentRead More

Watch: Ted Cruz Lies About 2013 Shutdown, Gets Owned By Reporter

Ted Cruz lied about the 2013 government shutdown and got owned by an MSNBC reporter Kassie Hunt. Hunt is a veteran political reporter with deep knowledge of the intricacies involved in the 2013 government shutdown, having covered the legislative showdown first hand as a reporter in the halls of Congress. Ted Cruz misrepresented his roleRead More

Watch: “Paul Ryan is a spineless moral midget”

“Paul Ryan is a spineless moral midget,” according to conservative journalist Jennifer Rubin who writes “The Right Turn” editorial column for the Washington Post. Rubin slammed Ryan after a shameful appearance on CBS Face The Nation Sunday Morning in which he refused to repudiate a ridiculous radio ad put out by the political PAC “DonaldRead More

Watch: Internet Destroys Trump For Government Shutdown

The internet destroyed Donald Trump overnight for orchestrating an entirely avoidable government shutdown. One year to the date of his inauguration, the president managed to shutdown the entire government and drive budget talks off the cliff. Trump, the so-called “Master Dealmaker” failed to demonstrate an ounce of leadership during the tense budget talks, and exposedRead More

Watch: Fire and Fury Author Michael Wolff Reveals New Trump Affair

Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff revealed a new Trump affair last night on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Wolff penned the tell all book, Fire and Fury, that rocked Washington in recent weeks by chronically the first few months of the Trump Administration. In an interview appearance on Real Time, Maher asked Wolff,Read More

Watch: Trump Lawyer Formed Private Company To Pay Porn Star

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen formed a private company to pay porn star Stormy Daniels more than $130,000 in hush money to conceal an affair just one month before the 2016 election. The Wall Street Journal reported the corporate shell game used to conceal the payments to Daniels, and the story was corroborated by CNN. TheRead More