Watch: GOP Memo Like ‘Writing Book Review Without Reading Book’

Watch: GOP Memo Like ‘Writing Book Review Without Reading Book’

Representative Gary Swalwell (D-CA) crushed Republicans for releasing the controversial, so called “Nunes Memo” without reading the underlying intelligence briefing documents that underpin the wild claims in the Memo.

Swalwell lambasted the Nunes Memo as ‘brainwashing’ full of ‘conspiracy theories’. Swalwell also criticized how the GOP House Intel Committee drafted a memo summarizing intelligence documents they never read. “It’s like writing a Book review without reading the book.”

The charismatic Democrat representing the San Francisco Bay Area, Swalwell is no stranger to Twitter where he frequently tweets publicly about the ongoing shenanigans of the Republican dominated House of Representatives.

To make matters worse, the GOP released the Nunes Memo on the same day that the White House announced Trump would not enforce sanctions resoundingly passed by Congress in the wake of the discovery of Russian election meddling in 2016.

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