Watch: Tense WH Briefing As Trump Fires FBI Deputy Director

Watch: Tense WH Briefing As Trump Fires FBI Deputy Director

The White House Press Briefing room was tense on Monday after Trump fired the #2 official at the FBI: Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

In a move that sparked controversy across Washington DC, Trump dogged McCabe for months in a public row that witnessed the president making relentless jabs at the integrity of the FBI’s highest ranking officials.

In December, Trump accused McCabe of being in bed with Democrats after it was revealed that McCabe’s wife ran for political office in Virginia, securing donations and endorsements from senior Democrats including Terry McAuliffe.

McCabe, who is reportedly taking administrative leave until March (at which point the longtime civil servant will retire), relented as Trump marched one step closer to obstructing justice and ultimately derailing the Mueller investigation.

Trump’s ‘take no prisoners’ political ideology, coupled with a narcissism that would rather see the FBI and DOJ burned before the shady dealings of the Trump campaign were revealed to the public, sets the stage for an epic showdown over the coming weeks and months as Mueller’s team continues to close in on collusion.

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