Watch: Jeff Sessions Questioned For Hours In Mueller Russia Probe

Watch: Jeff Sessions Questioned For Hours In Mueller Russia Probe

Jeff Sessions was questioned for hours this week by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Probe.

The embattled Attorney General was reportedly interrogated by Mueller’s team for hours in a surprise move that indicates Mueller is actively pursuing obstruction of justice charges in relation to Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and attempt to coerce Comey to drop an investigation into disgraced National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

Trump is reportedly furious with Sessions for refusing to report back every minute detail of his encounter with Mueller’s investigators. This is a clear sign Trump is increasingly nervous and fearful that Mueller will flip a current or former Administration insider with an immunity offer in exchange for cooperating with investigators.

In short, Trump’s nervous one of his corrupt campaign henchmen will sing like a canary, exposing the illegal actions taken by Trump’s inner circle during the campaign, transition, and early days of the Administration.

Reportedly Mueller now wants to meet with Steve Bannon as well, in a move mirroring the subpoenaed testimony Bannon was forced to deliver to the House of Representatives Russia Committee last week.

Rumors are swirling that Sessions will resign as Attorney General. Earlier this year Sessions recused himself from the Department of Justice (DOJ) inquiry into the Trump Campaign in a move that infuriated Trump.

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