Watch: GOP Senator “FBI Secret Society” Working To Overthrow Trump

Watch: GOP Senator “FBI Secret Society” Working To Overthrow Trump

Senator Ron Johnson claims an “informant” has news about the FBI “Secret Society” working to overthrow President Trump.

The comments sparked controversy and outrage at the notion that a sitting United States Senator would broadcast such a bonkers conspiracy theory live on national television.

Trump’s rhetoric lambasting the FBI and intelligence agencies has reached new heights if high-ranking GOP officials believe that a slow motion “Coup” is being carried out in an effort to remove Trump from office.

Similar views were expressed recently on Fox News by hyper partisan conservative anchor Jessie Waters, propagating this conspiracy theory across the right wing blogosphere that Mueller and the FBI are out to get Trump.

Of course Senator Johnson and Fox’s Jessie Waters couldn’t possibly fathom that the investigations into collusion with Russia, money laundering, and obstruction of justice could be of Trump’s own making.

The sloppy, undisciplined Trump brought his house of cards presidency down upon himself, and the laundry list of high ranking Trump officials hauled in to testify in front of both Special Counsel Mueller and Congressional investigators continued to grow by the day.

Last week Steve Bannon was subpoenaed to appear before the House Russia Committee and this week news broke that Jeff Sessions was proved by Mueller’s team for hours.

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