Watch: Don Lemon To Trump “What Grade Are You In?”

Watch: Don Lemon To Trump “What Grade Are You In?”

CNN’s Don Lemon slammed Trump’s juvenile behavior this week by asking the question on all of our minds, “What grade are you in?”

The petulant actions of the President offer a never ending replay real of embarrassing and inflammatory content that has turned the United States into a global laughingstock.

Overnight Trump took to Twitter to rant with fuming outrage about FBI investigators charged with uncovering the biggest scandal of our time: Did the president of the United States collude with Russia to rig the 2016 election and obstruct justice to cover it up?

The two strains of the Trump-Russia probe revolve around the parallel charges of collusion and obstruction of justice.

While collusion begets obstruction of justice in this particular instance, it is incredibly obvious that the Mueller investigation is honing in on evidence that Trump obstructed justice by firing FBI Director James Comey among other actions to conceal, impede, and derail the various investigations into the improper relationship between the Trump Campaign and the Russian Government.

Trump’s behavior is likely to becoming increasingly erratic and vitriolic as the noose tightens around his neck and Mueller bring charges and strike immunity deals to flip members of Trump’s inner circle.

Last week it was revealed that Deutsche Bank spotted suspicious transactions among Jared Kushner’s accounts that prompted the bank to alert German Regulators.

Kushner reportedly received a massive multimillion dollar loan from Deutsche Bank just a month before the 2016 election that, unsurprisingly, Kushner failed to disclose during security clearance checks and withheld from Congressional testimony.

Trump is also reportedly furious with Sessions for refusing to disclose and report back what was discussed during the hours long interrogation by Mueller’s investigative team.

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