Watch: Ted Cruz Lies About 2013 Shutdown, Gets Owned By Reporter

Watch: Ted Cruz Lies About 2013 Shutdown, Gets Owned By Reporter

Ted Cruz lied about the 2013 government shutdown and got owned by an MSNBC reporter Kassie Hunt.

Hunt is a veteran political reporter with deep knowledge of the intricacies involved in the 2013 government shutdown, having covered the legislative showdown first hand as a reporter in the halls of Congress.

Ted Cruz misrepresented his role in orchestrating the 2013 Republican led shutdown that held the federal government hostage in order to defund the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Blaming Democrats for both the 2013 and 2018 government shutdowns was the last straw for Kassie Hunt, who directly challenged Cruz on his recollection of events leading up to the 2013 budgetary impasse that lasted for 17 days and cost the economy billions of dollars.

Cruz attempted to provoke Hunt by launching into the following verbal jab, “I understand you want to debate me but you have no facts.”

Of course “Lyin Ted Cruz” couldn’t help but deliver a grotesque alternative history of the 2013 shutdown, conveniently forgetting the multi-hour filibuster aimed at bullying Senate Democrats into defunding Obamacare.

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