Watch: “Paul Ryan is a spineless moral midget”

Watch: “Paul Ryan is a spineless moral midget”

“Paul Ryan is a spineless moral midget,” according to conservative journalist Jennifer Rubin who writes “The Right Turn” editorial column for the Washington Post.

Rubin slammed Ryan after a shameful appearance on CBS Face The Nation Sunday Morning in which he refused to repudiate a ridiculous radio ad put out by the political PAC “Donald J. Trump for President” that accused Democrats of being accomplices to potential murders committed by DACA recipients.

Ryan, when faced with the prospect of criticizing the inflammatory radio ad, retreated into a shell of right wing talking points accusing Democrats of being complicit in shutting down the government.

It is clear to Rubin, a longtime conservative, that Paul Ryan abdicated all moral responsibility and sold his soul to wealthy donors to pass massive Tax cuts for the rich.

The Republican Speaker of the House works for the Koch brothers, not the American people.

How can he have such little integrity for civil discourse? Refusing to condemn an ad accusing Democrats of being accomplices to murder was the last straw for Rubin.

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