Watch: Republican Blames Shutdown on Democrats And Gets Owned

Watch: Republican Blames Shutdown on Democrats And Gets Owned

Republican Jack Kingston blamed the government shutdown on Democrats and got owned by CNN Political Commentator Maria Cardona.

Kingston, a regular on CNN, trotted out the Trump talking point “Schumer Shutdown” and attempted to blame the entire impasse on Democrats. Fortunately, Maria Cardona was there to set Kingston straight.

Kingston claimed that the Democrats “Never let a bill out of the Senate” and that the shutdown can’t be blamed on Trump because “He didn’t veto it.”

Cardona responded by pointing out that Trump deliberately derailed the budget deal after tweeting that he was “Rooting” for a shutdown.

“How do you negotiate with a president who, first of all, lies almost every third world out of his mouth and moves the goal posts and blows up deals instead of being this famous deal maker that he ran on?”

Sarah Westwood, White House Correspondent for the Washington Examiner, pointed out that the Administration never wanted a deal on immigration linked to a continuing resolution to fund the government.

“The White House has been consistent since December that they did not want to do immigration tied to appropriations…There is no policy reason to couple the two, because DACA doesn’t expire until March.”

Maria Cardona went on to lambast Trump’s two-faced duplicity on the topic of a DACA deal to save the so-called “Dreamers” from mass deportation:

“When the president talks about ‘a bill of love’ he’s full of it. He doesn’t want to do anything for these Dreamers. You can’t trust anything that comes out of his mouth and he’s clueless when it comes to policy.”

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