Watch: Delusional Trump Voter Smacked Down By CNN Reporter

Watch: Delusional Trump Voter Smacked Down By CNN Reporter

Delusional Trump voter, Rick Green, got smacked down by CNN reporter Martin Savidge after Green claimed the economy was ‘booming’ in Youngstown, Pennsylvania since Trump took office.

CNN’s Martin Savidge ventured to Youngstown, PA to interview a focus group of voters who switched party affiliations in 2016 to vote for Trump.

These voters are not alone, as local officials shared that approximately 7,000 registered Democrats switched parties in 2016 and voted for Trump in the Youngstown area alone.

Many voters were lured by Trump’s false promises; however, the focus group in the video below still support Trump despite the insurmountable evidence that they voted for a crooked conman.

Rick Green, an Iron Worker, repeated the phony Fox News talking points about Trump and the economy before being promptly put in his place by Savidge:

Rick Green: “Industries are booming, everywhere I’ve seen.”

Martin Savidge: “I look around here I don’t see a boom?”

Rick Green: “Well, in this area no. But I feel like there are small businesses that are starting to pick up.”

What a reversal! I guess it’s not true then that the economy is booming everywhere you’ve seen, is it Rick?

Savidge went on to question the rest of the group about Trump’s progress after one year in office:

CNN Reporter: “One year in, how’s he doing?”

Voter: “Fantastic

Voter 2: “Phenomenal”

Voter 3: “Great. Better than I ever would have dreamt, and I mean that sincerely.”

CNN Reporter: “Really?”

Voter 3: “Oh yea”

Voter 4: “Yes he’s doing wonderful, staying on task.”

Staying on task?!? Trump’s arguably the most undisciplined, mercurial, and petulant politician to set foot in the Oval Office.

Finally, when asked by Savidge if Trump is a ‘liar’ one voter, Geno DiFabio, a Machine Shop Worker from Youngstown, offered the following gem of an excuse:

Gino DiFabio: “Do I think he’s a liar no? Do I think he’s fallen short of some of his goals? We all do.”

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