Watch: CNN Host Stunned Sean Spicer Can’t Remember His Own Lies “Did I say that?”

Watch: CNN Host Stunned Sean Spicer Can’t Remember His Own Lies “Did I say that?”

CNN’s SE Cupp stunned former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer with his own lies and all Spicer could say was “Did I say that?”

Among other gems, Spicer went on to explain his untrustworthy behavior as Press Secretary and chief propaganda mouthpiece via the following excuse:

“The job of the spokesman is not to be the interpreter. It’s to get up there and say what the President wants said at a time when he’s not available.

Spicer apparently sleeps at night by convincing himself that he’s a good man and purging all memory of that day’s lies.

“My job as a spokesperson and a press officer is to speak on behalf of the President of the United States and provide the person asking me a question with the information the President wants communicated.”

Spicer also went on to lie extensively about his false statement about the ‘record’ crowd sizes at Trump’s inauguration:

“The largest audience to ever witness an inauguration in person or around the globe. The fact of the matter is there are platforms like Twitter Facebook and Instagram that were not available for previous administrations.”

Spicer went on to lie about whether or not he ever claimed that Trump received the “Most Electoral Votes since Reagan”:

The following exchange occurred:

SE Cupp: But Trump didn’t have the most Electoral College votes for a Republican since Reagan either? And you had Google.
Sean Spicer: Right, did I say that?
SE Cupp: Yes
Sean Spicer: I think he had 306 Electoral votes
SE Cupp: : George W Bush had more.
Sean Spicer: I understand that.

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