Watch: GOP Rep Launches Bizarre Rant Calling For ‘Purge’ of FBI & DOJ

Watch: GOP Rep Launches Bizarre Rant Calling For ‘Purge’ of FBI & DOJ

GOP Rep Francis Rooney (R-FL) launched into a bizarre rant on MSNBC calling for ‘purges’ of the FBI and other agencies in line with Trump’s fascist demand to purge agencies involved in the Russian investigation.

Rooney, who represents Florida’s 19th District, is engaging in fascist rhetoric that has a destabilizing effect on U.S. democratic institutions like the Department of Justin and the FBI.

Ironically, Rooney began his rant with, “People need a good clean government,” despite the immense corruption of the Trump Administration that has spawned a myriad of investigations into ethics violations and collusion with Russia.

The MSNBC host challenged Rooney with he following:

“There are those who look at comments like the ones you’re making and say that Republicans are working to discredit the Department of Justices and thus discredit the Russia investigation. Is that not what you’re doing?”

To which Rooney responded, “No I don’t want to discredit them, I would like to see the directors of those agencies purge it.”

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Of course Trump and his cronies don’t need evidence to support their claims. Except for the veritable #FakeNews fountain over at Fox and Friends.

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