Watch: Trump insults Navajo Code Talkers with ‘Pocahontas’ Gaffe

Watch: Trump insults Navajo Code Talkers with ‘Pocahontas’ Gaffe

Trump insulted three “Navajo Code Talkers” with a flippant reference to Pocahontas during a White House ceremony celebrating their contributions to the US Marine Corps during World War II.

Mid sentence, amidst praise for the Code Talkers, Trump managed to squeeze in an insult against U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren with a reference to Pocahontas, a nickname Donald often uses to disparage the Native American ancestry of the distinguished Democratic Senator from Massachusetts.

Only an awkward sociopath like Trump would consider it appropriate to disparage Native Americans at a ceremony honoring the sacrifice of Native Americans who helped to secure and encrypt allied communications during World War II.

Alas Trump is a man who can stomach no more than a handful of platitudes before resorting to the familiar terrain of partisan bickering and nonsensical name-calling.

Again we are left aghast that a man lacking rudimentary human empathy could a mass such a horde of support from voters seeking a reprieve from the ‘tyranny’ of political correctness.

Trump is a portrait of a broken man trapped inside the frame of a once powerful partisan magician whose one trick, the inflammatory soundbite, just doesn’t offer the same high anymore.

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