Watch: Democrats Fear Trump Too ‘Unstable’ For Nuclear Powers

Watch: Democrats Fear Trump Too ‘Unstable’ For Nuclear Powers

Democrats are launching hearings questioning the appropriateness, authority, and powers the President of the United States has to launch nuclear weapons over fears that Trump is too ‘unstable’ and impulsive.

The CNN report below shows the severity of the concerns many’s U.S. senators have in relation to Trump’s mental capacity, stability, and judgement in relation to the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Senators summoned military experts, former generals, and the sitting Secretary of Defense James Mattis their views on the appropriate use of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, as well as their views on the role of Congressional oversight.

Many military experts fear that changing decades of U.S. nuclear policy out of fears that a sitting President is ‘unstable’ would constrain the powers of future presidents to act in the national interest during a nuclear crisis.

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