Watch: Trump Says Las Vegas Gunman Was  ‘Probably Smart’ 

Watch: Trump Says Las Vegas Gunman Was  ‘Probably Smart’ 

If there were textbooks or encyclopedia entries written on how democratic leaders should communicate following a mass shooting, certainly calling the alleged gunman “Smart” would not be advised. 

On the contrary, Donald Trump is President and anything is possible in our ‘through the looking glass’ society. 

Trump took to the airwaves in a lengthy interview with Mike Huckabee to discuss a number of issues, beginning with the Las Vegas mass shooting. 

After describing the fact pattern and ongoing investigation, at a high level, Trump described the gunman as someone who is “Probably smart” and was able to smuggle multiple assault riffles into his hotel room, unnoticed, over of a period of three days. 

Sick, sadistic, and soulless are adjectives that immediately come to mind when describing a mass shooter, unless of course you’re Donald Trump, and you vaguely envy the annonymity through which the gunman was able to operate. 

Only in Trump’s twisted mind is a mass shooter applauded as ‘Smart’ for evading authorities and perpetrating such a heinous act of violence. 

If only Trump could go undetected for days on end, consider the damage that might ensue! 

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