Watch: SNL Weekend Update With Ruth Bader Ginsberg! 

Watch: SNL Weekend Update With Ruth Bader Ginsberg! 

Boom! Saturday Night Live did it again this week, delivering a hilarious political segment on Weekend Update staring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. 

Kate McKinnon played the role of Justice Ginsberg, in a punchy satirical sketch that took aim at Republican gerrymandering as well as some tongue and cheek humor about conservative justices. 

This week the Surpreme Court heard oral arguments in a landmark case that could reverse the crude tactic of gerrymandering political districts along partisan lines. Republicans have used this tactic for decades to wrestle and maintain control of Congress. 

Ginsberg also took aim at Trump pick Neil Gorsuch, as well as the prospect of Trump nominating a replacement for Justice Kennedy, known by many to be a ‘swing vote’ on the Supreme Court. 

In response to the possibility of Trump replacing Kennedy, McKinnon joked, “Who’s next, Justice Steven Segall?” 

The sad truth is, given Trump’s obsession with B and C list celebrities, this might not be far off the mark! 

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