Watch: CNN Host Dumbfounded By Kellyanne Conway 

Watch: CNN Host Dumbfounded By Kellyanne Conway 

CNN host Chris Cuomo was left dumbfounded at times during a lengthy interview with White House Adivser Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s Response to the Las Vegas Mass Shooting. 

Conway, who has kept a low media profile of late, emerged from the dungeons of the White House to delivery a confusing statement on gun laws and Sunday’s Las Vegas mass shooting. 

Kellyanne’s right wing talking points during the interview look something like this:

  • Blame Obama Administration 
  • 2nd Ammemdment is a bedrock of the Constitution  
  • Talk about victims, show empathy 
  • Now is not the time to talk about gun reform
  • Knives are just as dangerous 

Chris Cuomo was feisty at times, in an attempt to prevent Conway from retreating deeper into talking points. However, Cuomo ultimately was left dumbfounded by Conway’s boneheaded defense of Trump and lax gun laws. 

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