Watch: Trevor Noah Responds To Las Vegas Shooting With Disbelief

Watch: Trevor Noah Responds To Las Vegas Shooting With Disbelief

Trevor Noah responded to the latest, and now deadliest, mass shooting in the United States with somber disbelief. 

The South African born comedian and late night host of The Daily Show opened with a damning monologue that began with a juxtaposition of both the personal and public experience we all face in regards to mass shooting events. 

“I’ve lived in New York for two years and in that time there have been 20 mass shootings.” Noah went on to surface a chilling observation that Americans run the risk of becoming numb or complacent given the scale and frequency of these deadly shooting events. 

Noah’s personal story reveals the risk that as Congress refuses to respond to the gun epidemic with action, Americans may internalize a feeling of complacency or acceptance. That mass shootings are simply a part of everyday life. A burdensome risk we all must bare, the cost of living in the most prosperous and powerful nation on Earth. 

However, Noah transitioned into a hopeful call to action. Akin to a therapy hotline agent offering a glimpse into an alternate future. A future in which we bravely refuse to accept mass shootings as a fact of life. A future in which we demand action of our elected officials and exact political punishment on those who stand in the way. 

While on the one hand it’s sad that public opinion is so easily swayed by celebrities, on the other hand late night hosts like Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel wield tremendous power and influence that can move millions to take up the banner of “No more mass shootings. Congress must act!” 

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