Watch: Sarah Sanders ‘Not the time for gun policy debate’

Watch: Sarah Sanders ‘Not the time for gun policy debate’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered a shameful press briefing today in the White House. Sanders refused to answer basic questions about the role of guns in mass shootings. 

Predictably, Republicans responded to the largest mass shooting in U.S. history by yet again pretending that America does not have a ‘gun problem’. 

Huckabee Sanders read from talking points and offered hollow platitudes, accompanied by a shameful statement insinuating that ‘Now is not the time for a gun policy debate.’

It’s frustrating how predictably irresponsible the GOP party line is on gun reform, particularly in the wake of mass shootings like the devastating carnage that befell Las Vegas this weekend. 

If the shooter were ‘brown’ or Muslim the Republicans would come out swinging beating the drums of war and blaming Obama for not using the partisan label “Radical Islamic Extremism.” 

On the other hand, as the Las Vegas mass shooting was an act of domestic terorism commited by a cowardly, unstable middle aged white man, the Republicans are speechless. Receding into a shell of outrage and shock, as if to ask for the umpteenth time, “How did this happen?”

You’re wrong Sarah Huckabee Sanders, now is the time for gun policy debate. Congress must act, mass shootings are preventable, and sensible gun policy is the answer. 

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