Watch: Trump’s Draining The Treasury, Not The Swamp!

Watch: Trump’s Draining The Treasury, Not The Swamp!

Trump is draining the Treasury, not the swamp, according to Bill Maher’s monologue on this week’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

The most corrupt Administration in American History faced yet another scandal this week, as HHS Secretary Tom Price resigned after it was revealed that he racked up more than $300,000 in private jet fees as Secretary.

Tom Price, a former Congressman and medical doctor, was the face of the White House’s efforts to repeal Obamacare and strip 24 million American of healthcare coverage.

The irony here, of course, is that Price was willing to tow the party line that government spending on healthcare is out of control, and yet he felt entitled to incessantly charter private jets to conduct government business.

Bill Maher roasted Trump and Price in the monologue below, as well as ripping into the Administration’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico following the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Maria.

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