Watch: Puerto Rico Needs Help, Not Fox News Hatred

Watch: Puerto Rico Needs Help, Not Fox News Hatred

Puerto Rico needs help, not Fox News Hatred. That’s the key takeaway from the video clip below in which the mayor of San Juan lashed out at Fox News troll Geraldo Rivera for mocking disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico with the ignorant throwaway comment, “I don’t see people dying.” 

Rivero implied that the devastation in Puerto Rico was exaggerated as he interviewed the mayor of Puerto Rico’s capital live on Fox News. 

Trump and Fox News are leading the right wing smear campaign against Puerto Rico, based on the ridiculous premise that the U.S. territory should ‘Stop whining’ and ‘Be grateful’ even though it took the White House a week to send troops and supplies to help rebuild following Hurricane Maria. 

The Spanish speaking island nation is a U.S. territory, and yet the Trump Administration seem disinterested and apathetic towards the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. 

It’s shameful that Geraldo, a Hispanic correspondent for Fox News, would unabashedly float the idea that somehow the situation in Puerto Rico is being exaggerated. 

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