BREAKING NEWS: Alt-right Fake News Kingpin Dead

BREAKING NEWS: Alt-right Fake News Kingpin Dead

A writer who became famous for peddling “fake news” throughout the 2016 US Presidential election campaign has died. He was 38.Paul Horner was found dead in his home in Arizona after a suspected drug overdose, police said.

Horner, who published fake news articles on Facebook and websites he set up, claimed he was the reason Donald Trump was elected in November.

Fake news was a major concern during and after the US presidential campaign. A surge of made-up stories has been accused by some of influencing the outcome of the vote. Among Horner’s creations was a false claim that former President Barack Obama was both gay and a radical Muslim.

Mr Trump’s son Eric, and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, posted one of Horner’s fake news items about protesters being paid $3,000 to demonstrate against the Republican candidate.

However, Horner defended his work as “political satire”.

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