Jared Kushner Is Registered As A Female Voter In New York

Jared Kushner Is Registered As A Female Voter In New York

Why is Jared Kushner registered to vote as a female in New York?


That’s a question many are pondering this week after public records were revealed indicating that Mr. Kushner erroneously identified himself as a ‘female’ in a 2009 voter registration document.


The Hill reported on a story that Wired broke first, and the quote below is utterly damning for Kushner:


“Kushner can’t even fill out the most basic paperwork without screwing it up, so it’s a mystery why anyone thinks he’s somehow going to bring peace to the Middle East,” Brad Bainum, a spokesperson for the group, told Wired about the mistake. “Would anyone but the president’s son-in-law still have a West Wing job after repeated disclosure errors and a botched a security clearance form?”


The man responsible for brokering peace in the Middle East, wrangling Chinese trade policy, and ensuring that ‘Rocket Man’ doesn’t launch a nuclear weapon at Guam apparently can’t even be trusted to accurately.


Why is Kushner utterly incapable of accurately filling out government forms? We all know that Kushner lied on his background check for top-secret clearance, neglecting to disclose multiple meetings with Russians affiliated with the Kremlin. And now we’re confronted with the chilling reality that Kushner isn’t entirely sure what ‘Sex’ means on a government document.

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