Watch: SNL Mock Trump Phoenix Rally With Epic Roast By Alec Baldwin 

Watch: SNL Mock Trump Phoenix Rally With Epic Roast By Alec Baldwin 

Boom! Saturday Night Live are back with a vengeance, with a hilarious Cold Open that roasts Trump’s ridiculous rally in Phoenix this week in which he completely distorted his response to the Charlottesville clashes. 

Baldwin was in top form with his Trump impersonation, and it’s clear the actor didn’t lose a step during the Summer break as he hit every high note, perfectly mimicking Trump’s bizarre, idiosyncratic behaviors and mannerisms. 

SNL also pointed out some of the more ridiculous moments from the rally, including when Trump went off-script and signaled he was willing to pardon infamous, anti-immigrant Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 

Sheriff Arpaio was recently convicted, and could face jail time, for violating the rights of citizens and immigrants in his zeal to lock-up anyone who looks Mexican or Latino. 
While Trump will ever actually follow-through on his offer to pardon Arpaio remains to be seen; however, based on Trump’s lackluster track record of abiding by campaign pledges it’s likely this was all a ruse aimed at rallying the right-wing base. 

Which is an insane strategy considering that Trump took so much fire from the media, and his own party, for stoking racial tensions following the Charlottesville violence. 

Baldwin also mocked Trump’s other major gaffe from the rally: Threatening a government shutdown if Congress refuse to authorize funding for the Border Wall he promised Mexico would pay for! 

Essentially, Trump wants American taxpayers to pay for the Border Wall after campaigning for two years on this very issue, and drawing a hard line in the sand that Mexico would pay.  

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