Watch: CNN Host Shocked By Trump Arizona Rally “This is the man we elected?”

Watch: CNN Host Shocked By Trump Arizona Rally “This is the man we elected?”

Boom! CNN Host Don Lemon went on air directly following Trump’s speech in Arizona and was visibly shocked and flabbergasted by Trump’s behavior. 

“This is the man we elected President of the United States? This petty, this small? The person who’s supposed to pull the country together?”

Trump completely and utterly lied about his dishonorable response and public comments following the Charlottesville protests resulting in violence and the death of a counter-protesters at the hands of a crazed Neo-Nazi who drove a car into a crowd. 

In an attempt to rewrite history, and undermine the media, Trump pretended as if he did nothing wrong and that the Press was engaging in some fanatical witch hunt. 

It’s uncomfortable to watch his supporters yell and cheer each time Trump attacks the media at his rallies. Where are these people supposed to get their news? By attaching the Free Press, Trump is creating an army of fact-devoid right wing zombies who trust nothing but the words of their “Dear Leader”. 

The sad truth of the matter is that Trump views race-baiting culture wars as fertile political terrain. Trump knows deep down that by stoking public debate and dialogue on race it will trigger the darkest forces of his base to rally to his defense, and serve as a massive distraction away from his ineffective presidency mired in scandal and corruption. 

The more the focus is on Confederate statues, racial wounds, white privilege, and oppression the more voters forget about Russian collusion that resulted in the theft of the U.S. Presidency. 

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