Watch: Trump Launches Propaganda Network, Hires CNN Pundit Kayleigh McEnany

Watch: Trump Launches Propaganda Network, Hires CNN Pundit Kayleigh McEnany

Trump is launching his own propaganda network, hiring conservative CNN pundit Kayleigh McEnany in a video announcement posted to Trump’s Facebook page.


While we all know that Trump has his ‘issues’ with the Press, mainly because they report publicly on the indiscretions of his train wreck Administration, but launching your own pseudo-news network to live stream pro-Trump propaganda is a new low, even for ‘Crooked Donald’.


The irony here is that Trump hired Kayleigh McEnany from CNN, the network Trump labeled as ‘Fake News’ in his first public press briefing as President-elect. Was Donald trying to ‘troll’ CNN with this move, or is it an admission that POTUS is obsessed with the network and realizes that the network is on the rise, poaching one of the network’s most controversial pundits.


Frankly, it’s terrifying that the White House appear to be taking a page out of the Russia Today (RT) Network playbook, applying studio quality network presentation with State-run propaganda.


In Kayleigh’s first report for the Trump News Network, McEnany bragged that Trump is already ‘turning around’ the economy, pointing to record low unemployment and a record high stock market.


However, both of these trends were achievements of the Obama presidency, and are carrying forward due to the strong fundamentals of the U.S. economy despite Trump’s attempts to hijack the budget with massive tax cuts and devastating changes to healthcare (which constitutes 1/6th of the U.S. economy).


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