Watch: Trump Calls New Hampshire A “Drug Infested Den”, Voters Outraged

Watch: Trump Calls New Hampshire A “Drug Infested Den”, Voters Outraged

Leaked transcripts of Trump’s January 2017 phone call with Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto left New Hampshire voters outraged and confused at Trump’s delusional comments about the Granite State.


Trump attacked Mr. Pena Nieto for the abundance of illegal narcotics that flow into the United State from Mexico, and was apparently trying to underscore his point by pointing to a lucid, inaccurate point about the New England state of New Hampshire:

“I won New Hampshire because it’s a drug infested den!”

Let’s break this down for Trump in a way even he can understand, because apparently there is a delusional toddler running the White House and representing the United States on the global stage.

First, sorry Donald but you did NOT win New Hampshire! In fact, you lost New Hampshire in the General Election, but let’s give you the benefit of the doubt here considering that you did with the GOP primary, so perhaps you were referring to that?

Second, on the odd chance that you are referring to the GOP Primary (highly doubtful), what is your point? That the voters of New Hampshire were so hopped up on illegal narcotics that they voted for an unqualified, unhinged businessman with no political experience in government whatsoever? If so, nice job!

Third, and this is a really important point here Donald so listen up, you LOST New Hampshire! For someone who is obsessed with bragging about winning the 2016 election (with Putin’s fingertips on the scales, no less), you can’t even remember who won New Hampshire?

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