Watch: A Terrifying, Creepy History of White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller

Watch: A Terrifying, Creepy History of White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller

The video below is a terrifying, creepy four minute history of White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller produced and pulished by our friends at “Now This Politics” chronicling the shocking, controversial rise to power of the alt-right wunderkind.

Miller hails from sunny Santa Monica, California which is an odd place to produce a fascist right-wing zealot hellbent on radically reshaping U.S. policy and deny basic rights to Immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ, and Women.

The clip below begins with a video recording of Miller from what appears to be the back of a high school bus, glorifying the morality of torture. Apparently Miller was so conservative in high school that he was booed off stage during a speech when he ran for Class President, which is not surprising considering how creepy and outspoken Stephen Miller is and the fact he ran on a platform that there are so many Latino janitors that students shouldn’t be asked to clean up after themselves!

Miller went on to attend Duke University, where he penned a regular op-ed column entitled “Miller Time” and appeared on The O’Reilly Factor in 2007 during an unhinged interview in which he defended the Duke Lacrosse team and ranted about liberals and feminists.

Widely believed to be the architect of Trump’s Muslim Ban, Miller apparently is an ally of Jared Kushner (boy wonder!) and penned Trump’s 75-minute remarks at the Republican National Convention in 2016. It is unconscionable that so much power rests with a whiny, fascist troll hellbent on poisoning the well of U.S. cultural diversity and social progress. Consequential White House decisions are made by the ‘Brain Dead Trust’, a pun on FDR’s ‘Brain Trust’ penned by your editors here at Democratic Memes, and this should deeply trouble all Americans.


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