Watch: CNN Pundits Battle Over Trump’s Plan To Cut Legal Immigration By 50%

Boom! CNN Pundits Jeffrey Lord and Ana Navarro battle over Trump’s plan to cut legal immigration by 50% and support the “RAISE Act” introduced by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK).

Senator Cotton’s plan would radically reshape U.S. immigration policy from a system oriented around family reunification to one centered on possession of high skilled labor and mastery of the English language.

In the clip below, Ana Navarro slammed Jeffrey Lord for supporting Trump’s plan to reduce legal immigration by 50% as ill-informed and racist, considering that immigration is a huge driver of innovation and economic productivity. Earlier this year, a cadre of 1,500 economic experts penned a letter to Trump reminded him that immigration is a net positive for the U.S. economy.

Conservative pundits like Jeffrey Lord, and uninformed elected officials like Trump and Tom Cotton, view immigrants as ‘moochers’ hellbent on exploiting the welfare benefits of the United States. However, most states have laws on the books that prevent immigrants from claiming social benefits like welfare for five years post-immigration.

The irony here as well is that Trump’s gone well beyond his pledge to stem the tide of ‘illegal’ immigration, turning his sights to dramatically cutting LEGAL immigration by as much as 50%, which analysts predict will hold disastrous consequences for the U.S.


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