Watch: Kellyanne Conway Caught In Heated Exchange On Russia Collusion Probe

Boom! Kellyanne Conway found herself in a heated exchange with journalist George Stephanopolous over revelations this week that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s Grand Jury issued their first subpoenas in relation to the charges of collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian Government. 

Conway continued to pretend that the entire Trump-Russia collusion investigation is “Fake News”. Stephanopolous, however, confronted Conway for implying the Russia story is all a media charade blown way out of proportion. 

Stephanopolous confronted Conway on the series of blatant lies the Administration offered the American people regarding Russia. He asked Conway how the White House can explain the wildly divergent answers on Trump’s involvement with the Don Jr. collusion meeting. 

First the White House said there were no meetings with Russia. Then it turned out there were at least 18 meetings. Then Trump’s lawyer said Trump wasn’t involved in the White House response to the Don Jr. collusion emails and meetings, then it turns out Trump helped craft the statements. 

Kellyanne Conway quickly pivoted to criticism of President Obama’s healthcare promise “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” which has absolutely nothing to do with the direct question Stephanopolous asked! 

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