Watch: Kellyanne Conway May Use Lie Detectors To Catch White House Leakers

Kellyanne Conway may use lie detectors to catch White House leakers according to the CNN report below. 

A series of damning transcripts were released this week that embarrassed the White House and revealed just how unfit and unhinged ‘Crooked Donald’ is as the leader of the United States. 

We all recall how former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer threatened to confiscate and search the mobile phones of staffers earlier this year amidst another series of high profile leaks. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to work!

Perhaps Trump’s new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, is behind the latest White House episode of “To catch a leaker” but my sense is this isn’t going to end with the desired result. 

The leaky culture within the Administration is a symptom of a broader illness: An unfit, paranoid POTUS who turns on allies and will throw his most loyal subjects under the bus at a moments notice. 

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