Watch: Mueller Crosses Trump ‘Red Line’, Investigates Russian Money Trail

Boom! CNN reported that “Investigators have examined the backgrounds of Russian business associates connected to Trump.”


Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump’s Russian money trail and ‘Crooked Donald’ is NOT happy about it! Mueller’s all-star team of investigators are split into two main groups, focussing primarily on (1) Collusion and (2) Obstruction of Justice.


CNN is also reporting that the investigation covers a wide range of other damning charges, including financial crimes. Trump’s inner circle are coming under the crosshairs of Mueller’s investigation, including former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and disgraced National Security Adviser Gen. Mike Flynn.


“Investigators became more suspicious of Manafort when they turned up intercepted communications that U.S. intelligence agencies collected among suspected Russian operatives discussing their efforts to work with Manafort to coordinate information that could hurt Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House.”


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