Watch: CNN’s Jim Acosta Has Heated Exchange with Trump Senior Adviser

Boom! CNN Reporter Jim Acosta destroyed Senior White House Adviser, and troll extraordinaire, Stephen Miller over Trump’s new scheme to transform immigration policy into a racist, alt-right utopia. 

Stephen Miller’s snarky, faux intellectualism got under Acosta’s skin during Wednesday’s Press Briefing, as the Trump Administration unveiled a new ‘merit based’ immigration proposal. 

The only issue is that their definition of ‘merit’ is narrowly defined as an English-speaking, white male Christian!

Acosta appealed to the virtues of American immigration represented by the Statue of Liberty and the “Poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Miller, however, holds a dramatically different opinion on the role and positive influence of immigration on American society. Trump’s team of incompetent stooges otherwise known as ‘The brain dead trust” view immigration as ‘vile’ and foreign born green card holders as the enemy of the white working class. 

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