Bye Bye Trump: Computer Genius has a Brilliant Idea to Fix Democracy!

Bye Bye Trump: Computer Genius has a Brilliant Idea to Fix Democracy!

Imagine: Donald Trump never became president and no other corrupt Trump-like figure could ever again threaten the human rights of women, muslims, and future generations.

One bold computer scientist has a crazy idea to fix democracy and empower and protect all citizens: get rid of politicians altogether using cutting edge technology.

Called Cicada, the idea is that “true Direct Democracy requires representativeless government. The concept is so new that the word representativeless does not even exist yet. We had to invent it. Think of a digital Direct Democracy as true algorithmic government. It holds the potential to unleash the true will of the people.“

Cicada calls for a “revolutionary, open source, decentralized application platform along with its first major application, a distributed direct democracy.”

If there is one goal for this project, above all others, it is this: The next time there is an corrupt politician in office, the people should be able to replace their leaders with code.

Boom! This could change everything. Read more about the idea from the creators:

“While Direct Democracies have been tried in the past, in limited scope, such as in Athens and pre-republic Rome, there was simply no practical way to make such a system work with pure analog technology.

A Direct Democracy absolutely requires mass communication and digitization. It almost certainly requires Artificial Intelligence.”

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