Archive Month: August 2017

Watch: SNL Mock Trump Phoenix Rally With Epic Roast By Alec Baldwin 

Boom! Saturday Night Live are back with a vengeance, with a hilarious Cold Open that roasts Trump’s ridiculous rally in Phoenix this week in which he completely distorted his response to the Charlottesville clashes.  Baldwin was in top form with his Trump impersonation, and it’s clear the actor didn’t lose a step during the SummerRead More

Watch: Reporter Stuns WH Press Secretary “If Mexico Will Pay For The Wall, Why Shutdown Gov’t?”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got destroyed for using “Alrernative Facts” and warped logic to explain Trump’s threats to shutdown the government if Congress refuse to fund his multi-billion dolllar Border Wall.  The tortured logic coming out of the White House regarding the Border Wall is absolutely shameless.  On the one hand TrumpRead More

Watch: Congress Finds Trump Campaign Emails Showing Plot To Meet Putin 

CNN broke an exclusive report that Trump’s Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn emailed the Trump Campaign in June 2016 regarding a plot to setup a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Congressional investigators have unearthed  an email from a top Trump aide that referenced a previously unreported effort to arrange a 2016 meeting betweenRead More

Trump Threatens Gov’t Shutdown Unless Hooters Honor Expired 2016 Coupon

Democratic Memes Breaking News: Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Unless Hooters Honor Expired 2016 Coupon.  That’s right folks, Delusional Donald is at it again making idle threats to Shutdown the federal government, sending the stock market plunging (yet again), over a new juvenile list of demands–this time taking aim at one of the most notorious brandsRead More

Watch: Ex-Russian Ambassador Downplays Trump Collusion Contacts 

Ex-Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, a central figure in the Trump campaigns collusion with the Russian government, downplayed his relationship with Trump in an interview with CNN’s Matthew Chance.   Trump is having such a bad week that even the Russians are distancing themselves!  Ambassador Kislyak was a central figure in the 2016 Campaign, meeting withRead More

Watch: CNN Host Shocked By Trump Arizona Rally “This is the man we elected?”

Boom! CNN Host Don Lemon went on air directly following Trump’s speech in Arizona and was visibly shocked and flabbergasted by Trump’s behavior.  “This is the man we elected President of the United States? This petty, this small? The person who’s supposed to pull the country together?” Trump completely and utterly lied about his dishonorableRead More

Watch: Rick Santorum crushed for saying “Racism Debate” is the real problem

Former Republican Senator and GOP presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, got crushed on CNN by panelists for suggesting that debate surrounding racism following the violent Charlottesville protests is the real problem, not white supremacy or confederate sympathizers.  A popular talking point on the right following the tumult at Charlottesville is that the Democrats are ‘race baiting’Read More

Watch: Fareed Zakaria Slams ‘Mute’ GOP Terrified To Speak Against Trump 

Fareed Zakaria slammed Republicans for their refusal to speak out against Trump “Trampling on our highest values.”  In the opening take of Zakaria GPS on CNN, Fareed launched a diatribe attack against Republican elites for suddenly going “Mute” in the face of Trump’s Week of unhinged behavior and racist comments following the Charlottesville protests.  “MenRead More

Watch: Bill Maher Destroys Republican “Troll Culture” For Killing Our Democracy

Boom! Bill Maher destroyed Republican “Troll Culture” for killing our democracy and refusing to govern.  Whether it’s Trump appointing Scott Pruitt, a vocal climate change denier, as EPA Director, or inviting the Russians into the Oval Office to leak classified intelligence, Republicans appear incapable of governing responsibly. They only care about putting points on theRead More

Watch: A Terrifying, Creepy History of White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller

The video below is a terrifying, creepy four minute history of White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller produced and pulished by our friends at “Now This Politics” chronicling the shocking, controversial rise to power of the alt-right wunderkind. Miller hails from sunny Santa Monica, California which is an odd place to produce a fascist right-wingRead More