Watch: Trump Wants “Rich Guys” To Run Our Country And “Rough Guys” As Cops

Why does Trump want “Rich guys” to run our government and “Rough guys” to run our police departments?

The short and simple answer is: He wants to steal your money, screw the little guy, and oppress poor and working class Americans!

Making money on Wall Street, inheriting wealth and squandering it via multiple bankruptcies is not a qualification for running the most powerful governmental institutions in our country. 

We do not want rouge “Rough guys” running our police departments, aggressively targeting minorities or terrorizing our youth. 

What Trump lacks in empathy he more than makes up for in ignorance. The blind faith he places in wealth and brute force overwhelm his sense of rationality and common decency. 

‘Crooked Donald’ knows no law but power, and no justice but wealth. Which is why we are eminently perplexed that the poor, powerless masses of Red State America voted in droves against their common interest for a megalomaniac hellbent on reimagining the guilded age. 

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