Watch: Tapper Explodes, Embarrasses New Trump Communications Director! 

Watch: Tapper Explodes, Embarrasses New Trump Communications Director! 

Boom! Jake Tapper explodes and embarrasses new Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci for refusing to admit that Russia hacked the 2016 Election and released thousands of emails from the DNC and the Hillary Campaign to influence public opinion and elect Donald J. Trump. 

Scaramucci, a Wall Street Hedge Funds Manager, repeated claimed that ‘We don’t have all the facts’ and ‘There’s a lot of misinformation’ on Russia’s ‘alleged’ hacking. 

At one point, Scaramucci referenced a conversation with ‘Crooked Donald’ in which Trumo asserted the Russia’s couldn’t have interfered with or hacked the 2016 U.S. election because they would have covered their tracks and are too good at concealing their active espionage behind a cloud of stealth secrecy. 

Tapper exploded at multiple points, most notably when he denigrated Trump for being “The only person in the entire government” who denies Russia’s involvement in election interference and espionage. 

Scaramucci kept going on about “Checks and balances” in the Federal Government, but we’re pretty sure he doesn’t fully grasp the constitutional concept, as he seemed to imply that it would ultimately be Trump’s decision as to whether or not the Russians interfered. 

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