Watch: Journalist Trolls Fox News ‘Week of Bizarre Trump Collusion Defenses’ 

Watch: Journalist Trolls Fox News ‘Week of Bizarre Trump Collusion Defenses’ 

Boom! Vox journalist Carlos Mazza delivered an epic video summary trolling the week of bizarre Don Trump Jr. collusion defenses from Fox News. 

A few of the greatest hits include: (1) It’s Obama’s Fault, (2) Anyone would have done it, (3) It was a setup orchaestrated by Democrats, (4) It’s not a big deal, (5) He didn’t know any better. 

The most screwed up element of this entire Fox News alternative fact universe, is that millions and millions of Americans receive their political information from Fox and are spoon fed rightwing lunatic-fringe conspiracy theories that shroud the cold hard fact that this week a ‘Smoking gun’ emerged in the Trump-Russia Collusion saga. 

The revelation that Don Jr. knowingly accepted a meeting with a Russian lawyer, under the pretext of receiving damaging confidential information on Hillary Clinton, in support of a Kremlin operation to support Donald Trump’s candidacy is literally the most agregious affront to Western Democracy in our lifetime. 

This is worse than Watergate! U.S. nationals cooperated with a foreign government to influence the 2016 Presidential Election in order to place a Kremlin-backed oligarch in the White House. 

Trump is delivering the Putin agenda in full display, and Fox News are aiding and abedding a criminally corrupt administration by perpetuating propaganda that distracts the American people from the greatest heist of the 21st Century. 

Watch the video below, comment, and share widely with your friends! 

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