Watch: CNN Hosts baffled by Trump’s bizarre unhinged defense of Don Jr. 

Boom! CNN hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash were absolutely baffled by Trump’s bizarre, unhinged defense of Don Jr. knowingly accepting a meeting that would aide and abed a Russian Government plot to damage Hillary Clinton and elect Donald J. Trump. 

‘Crooked Donald’ shrugged off the accusations of collusion and treason in a bizarre, unhinged presser in France with French President Macron. 

Trump attempted to normalize Don Jr.’s massive public display of collusion by offering the following excuse, “I think many people would have taken that meeting.” 

Really? Are we to believe that it’s common political practice to conspire with foreign governments to disparage political opponents and hack a U.S. Presidential Election? 

We cannot allow Trump, Fox News, and the rightwing media to normalize this treasonous behavior. 

It’s not normal to cover up a plot by the Russian Government to tip the scales of the U.S. election in favor of an unqualified, unhinged orange blob hellbent on reshaping U.S. Foreign Policy to align with Putin’s authoritarian vision for a resurgent Soviet Union. 

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