Watch: Journalist Exposes 41 Mysterious Deaths Linked To Putin Critics

NBC Journalist Richard Engel delivered a shocking correspondence from the G-20 Summit in Hamburg that exposes the dangerously high murder rate among Putin critics. 

As a matter of fact, in recent years the death count has risen as high as 41. That’s 41 mysterious and unsolved murders linked to journalists, ex-Kremlin officials, businessmen, and critics of the Putin regime. 

And yet, Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson want to normalize relations, look the other way, and develop a strategic alliance with Putin on issues such as cyber security. 

We simply ask, under what circumstances does this sound like a good idea? 

A few high profile examples of Putin’s authoritarian behavior include: A journalist shot in her apartment building, an ex-spy defector poisoned by radioactive material in London, and a senior political opposition leader shot five times in front of the Kremlin. 

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