Watch: Bill Maher Torches Trump “You’re never too rich to be white trash!”

Watch: Bill Maher Torches Trump “You’re never too rich to be white trash!”

Boom! Bill Maher torched Trump yet again this week during his opening monologue on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. 

Maher began with Trump’s Twitter war this week with the co-hosts of Morning Joe and put the whole controversy to bed when he brilliantly pointed out that Trump’s deranged actions prove yet again that “You’re never too rich to be white trash!”

Unfortunately, despite the sideshow Trump created this week with his tweets, as Maher pointed out: 

“The business of ruining America goes on. The republicans all condemn the tweets, but they still vote with him. His stupid wall, they’re starting to build that, and his stupid travel ban went into effect.”

In a hilarious reference to Trump’s bizarre tweets about Mika’s ‘bleeding face lift’ Maher delivered this crushing smackdown:

“To be fair to the president, he does have some traumatic memories from plastic surgery. One time he went in for a ‘weave reduction’ and the surgeon accidentally implanted three chins. He also gave him a boob job in the brain!”

Moving on to the botched attempt by Senate Republicans to pass Obamacare repeal this week, Maher issued a cautious warning to Democrats:

“And then there is repealing healthcare. The Democrats are all excited that it’s now stalled in the Senate. Except it’s not dead. It’s like the slasher movie. Where the babysitter thinks she’s killed the serial killer, but we can see he’s getting up behind her!”  

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