Watch: Megyn Kelly’s Punchy Exchange with Putin on Election Hacking

Watch: Megyn Kelly’s Punchy Exchange with Putin on Election Hacking

Megyn Kelly lead a punchy exchange with President Vladimir Putin on the role of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Election. 

Putin appeared visibly uncomfortable and combative at time with the relentless, hard line of questioning from Kelly, something Putin is unaccustomed to within the ranks of the Russian Press.  

Putin continued the tired lines trotted out by the Trump White House that there is “No evidence” of interference or collusion, including a quite cavalier explanation of the now infamous photo of Putin and former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. On this point Putin was quite clear, there was “No relationship” between himself and Mike Flynn, even joking that his relationship with Megyn Kelly over the previous 48 was more substantial. 

Perhaps rather unsurprisingly, Putin also denied any and all relationship with senior members of the Trump Campaign in an attempt to pull the legs out of the collusion claims that Congress and the Department of Justice are investigating.  

Of course, the collusion concerns tend to focus on the links between Trump’s senior team and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. 

Kelly probed Putin on his interactions and knowledge of Kislyak’s conversations with Trump, Sessions, Kushner, and others; however, Putin abruptly snapped at Kelly with a series of contemptuous answers that framed the questions as naive and ‘creative’ because Putin doesn’t have the time to speak with Russian’s army of Ambassadors and emissaries. This answer was hardly believable, given that the U.S. Ambassador is a well known Russian agent and the face of Russian intelligence activity in the United States.  

Finally, Putin ended the exchange with a snarky comment criticizing the U.S. Press and the relentless coverage of Trump’s connections with the Russians: “You are all very creative overthere. Your lives must be so boring.” 

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