Watch: CNN Reporter Crushes Trump EPA Chief “Your Head Is In The Sand”

Watch: CNN Reporter Crushes Trump EPA Chief “Your Head Is In The Sand”

Boom! CNN’s Jim Acosta crushed Trump’s EPA Chief, Scott Pruitt, at a White House Press Briefing after Pruitt repeated rightwing talking points that the effects of Climate Change may be ‘exaggerated’, to which Acosta responded, “Your head is in the sand!”


It is absolutely disgraceful that the Head of the Environmental Protection Agency is a climate change denier. Unfortunately, however, this is precisely what happens when Republicans seize control of the government: uninformed, uneducated men like Scott Pruitt make consequential decisions that endanger the health, safety, and wellbeing of this country.


Acosta went on to deliver this devastating rebuke: “When NASA says that 95% of the experts in this area [climate change] around the world believe that the earth is warming, and you are up there throwing out information that says, ‘Well maybe this is being exaggerated’, it seems to a lot of people around the world that you and the President are denying the reality that climate change is happening.”


The issue at hand is that men like Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump continue to deny the overwhelming evidence, and consensus among the scientific community (including our own governmental agencies, such as NASA), that the impacts of climate change are accelerating and manmade.


Melting ice caps, rising oceans, famine, and drought are symptoms of a warming planet. The scientific community is clear: global temperatures are rising and humans are to blame. The entire point of the Paris Climate Accord was to begin to set out a global framework whereby each and every nation can establish their own plans to curb carbon emissions and slow the accelerating impacts of climate change. Unfortunately, Donald Trump pulled out of this agreement to score cheap political points and appease climate skeptics like Scott Pruitt.


The lunacy here is that the men who deny the impacts of climate change, and insinuate that the evidence is ‘exaggerated’, are the same men who oppose environmental regulations that protect our waterways, forests, fisheries, and coastlines. The concept that the government can and must play a role in protecting our environment is overwhelmingly popular with American voters. And yet, Republicans continue to oppose these regulations.


The solution, friends, is to clean house in 2018 and usher in a new era of Democratic leadership in Congress.


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