Watch: Jake Tapper Crushes Rand Paul’s Climate Change Denial

Watch: Jake Tapper Crushes Rand Paul’s Climate Change Denial

Boom! Jake Tapper absolutely crushes Rand Paul’s conservative climate change denial in the video clip below. 

Paul repeated several tired, stale, and patently false claims about climate change and got smacked down by Tapper. 

At one point, Paul tried to get away with a ridiculous claim that millions of American jobs would be lost if the U.S. did not pull out  of the Paris agreement by 2020. When pressed for evidence by Tapper, Paul’s strawman argument absolutely collapsed. 

Furthermore, Republican arguments about the impact of environmental protection and regulation on jobs is a red herring, as there are now twice as many jobs in solar energy than coal. In other words, clean energy initiatives are not ‘killing’ American jobs, they’re creating them in droves across a whole host of new clean energy industries. 

Next Paul turned to the holy grail of conservative climate change denial: Uninformed and unsubstantiated scepticism that the deleterious impacts of man made carbon emissions are the principal cause of climate change. 

Paul’s illogical mental gymnastics cite the ‘natural’, cyclical nature of climate change in an attempt to mitigate the role of mass  industrialization on CO2 levels in the atmosphere. 

In a brash attempt to justify the disastrous decision to pull out of the Paris accords, conservatives are publicly embarrassing themselves and revealing their true ambitions: Protect the fossil fuel industry at all costs. 

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