Archive Month: June 2017

Watch: “You crazy lunatic 70 year old man-baby, stop it! You’re the President!”

Boom! CNN commentator Ana Navarro absolutely destroyed Trump in the savage clip below for Crooked Donald’s disgraceful, juvenile Tweetstorm attacking Morning Joe co-Hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.  We’ve got two video clips for you below. The first being Navarro’s savage takedown of Trump over the Morning Joe tweets, and the second highlighting Trump’s creepyRead More

Watch: Sean Spicer’s ‘Backup’ Gets Torched By A Reporter Who Had Enough

Boom! Sean Spicer’s ‘backup’ Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got torched by a White House Press Poll reporter who had enough of the fake news and anti-media vitriol coming out of the Administration.  In the clip below, you can see how Sanders became visibly uncomfortable when challenged by a reporter for her crude attemptRead More

Watch: Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) Demolishes Trumpcare In 3 Minutes

Boom! Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) demolishes the Republican Senate Healthcare bill in 3 minutes in the informative clip below that exposes all the horrible consequences hidden within Trumpcare.  Murphy breaks down the disasterous Senate bill into into five key elements in order to expose the horrific consequences for American families should this bill come toRead More

Watch: Eric Trump Claims Donald “Accomplished More Than Any President”

Eric Trump went on a delusional, unhinged five minute rant on Fox Business Channel in which he made a series of ridiculous claims, including that Trump is “5-0” thus far and has “Accomplished more than any president, arguably, in history at this point.” The video clip below is proof that the apple doesn’t fall farRead More

Watch: Kellyanne ‘Con Job’ Grilled On $800M Medicaid Cuts “We don’t see them as cuts”

Kellyanne ‘Con Job’ Conway was grilled by George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week for denying that the $800 million in Medicaid cuts Republicans announced this week were actually ‘cuts’.  In true ‘alternative facts’ fashion, Conway denied the cuts and blatantly lied straight up to the American people by arguing, “We don’t see them as cuts.”Read More

Watch: Bill Maher Roasts “Zodiac Killer” Republican Healthcare Plan

Boom! Bill Maher roasted the ‘evil’ Republican Healthcare Plan as “A manifesto from the Zodiac killer” in an epic rant on this week’s episode of Real Time.  The contents of the GOP Healthcare Bill were released by Senate Republicans this week and it’s worse than we could have imagined: Phases out Medicaid Allows States toRead More

Watch: Public School Teachers Shutdown Betsy DeVos Bullshit!

Boom! A group of Public School teachers shutdown Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, and called her out on her history of bullshit comments on public education.  The subset of public school teachers below were not mincing words in their stark rebuke of DeVos, who clearly is a corporate puppet aimed at siphering taxpayer money outRead More

Watch: Protesters Swarm Mitch McConnell’s Office,   Dragged Out By Police

The resistance to the disastrous GOP healthcare plan is growing as grassroots protesters swarm Capitol Hill to express their outrage with the massive tax cut for the rich Republicans have disguised as a healthcare bill.   In the video clip below, a large group of protesters advocating for Americans with disabilities swarmed Senate Majority LeaderRead More

Watch: Trump brags about rich people running our government “I don’t want a poor person”

‘Crooked Donald’ went on another unhinged rant this week, bragging about the fact that he’s exclusively appointed rich people to run our government.  What was his rationale for appointing a billionaire cabinet transforming American into an oligarchy, you may ask? “I don’t want a poor person.” This Freudian slip by Trump revealed so much aboutRead More

Watch: Sen. Whitehouse Destroys Secret GOP Healthcare Plan “We’re Not Stupid!”

Boom! Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) destroyed the secret healthcare plan Republicans are crafting behind closed doors in a historic attempt to screw the American people and demolish nearly 20% of the U.S. economy.  In the video clip below, Whitehouse honed in on a flippant remark from a Republican staffer who commented, “We’re not stupid” whenRead More