Watch: Appealing Trump Muslim Ban to Supreme Court is “Ass-Backwards”

Watch: Appealing Trump Muslim Ban to Supreme Court is “Ass-Backwards”

Boom! Phil Mudd, former Deputy Director of the CIA counterterrorism center, absolutely torched Trump’s Muslim Ban as “Ass-backwards” in an appearance on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.


Wolf asked Phil Mudd to comment on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ threat to appeal the Administration’s Muslim Ban to the Supreme Court, to which Mudd responded “It’s ass-backwards!”


It’s important to note that Mudd is not a hired political hack, he is a career counterterrorism specialist who joined the CIA in 1985. Which makes his statement of contempt for Trump’s bigoted ban even more damning:


“When I see people going to the Supreme Court saying ‘This is about protecting millions of Americans’ I’d say, ‘Did you ever ask anyone who’s actually done this for a living?’ Because their answer is going to be, ‘No it’s not’.”


That’s because the Muslim Ban is not constructed to protect Americans, it’s a politically motivated policy to rally the racist, anti-Muslim masses among the GOP base who supported Trump in droves when he called for a “Total and complete shutdown of Muslim’s entering the United States.”


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