Watch: Bill Maher torches Trump’s train wreck week, Impeachment is coming!

Watch: Bill Maher torches Trump’s train wreck week, Impeachment is coming!

Boom! Bill Maher dropped an epic monologue last night that absolutely torched Trump for a train wreck week of unforced errors and inept treason. 

And when we say inept, we mean he couldn’t help but screw up treason as well, admitting publicly this week to several unforced errors, including:

  • Admitting publicly to leaking top secret government intelligence to our #1 foreign adversary, Russia, in the Oval Office (you can’t make this shit up!)
  • Bragging to the Russian Foreign Minister & Ambassador about firing FBI Director Jim Comey to relieve “Great Pressure” from the “Russia Probe” (again, this is f**king nuts!)
  • Calling the FBI Director a “Nut job” in the Oval Office while hosting the Russian officials 
  • Going batshit crazy on Twitter about the Russia probe, calling it a “Witch Hunt”
  • Telling FBI Director Jim Comey to “Get over” his investigation into the traitor and disgraced National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn
  • Canceling a speech at a Holy Site in Israel because they wouldn’t let him land his helicopter inside the shrine

In the clip below, Maher torches Trump for the laundry list of screw ups we just enumerated, saying “Even Monica Lewinsky was like ‘Wow you really blew it in the Oval Office!'” 

Maher also torched President-in-waiting , Mike Pence, saying, “You’ve gotta love Mike Pence. This guy eats more shit than a goat!” Referring to Pence’s proclivity to accept Trump’s bogus, bullshit talking points and parrot them back to the American people as gospel. 

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