Radio Free USA tackles Health Care, James Comey, and Colbert vs FCC!

Democratic Memes is back with another hard-hitting podcast – Radio Free USA!

This week the guys tackle all the important topics of the week, such as the French election, Comey’s testimony to the Senate, AHCA (ugh), and the attempted FCC censorship against Stephen Colbert!

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Note: We recorded this podcast just one day before the BOMBSHELL announcement of Trump firing Comey in order to halt the Russia investigation! Comey may have been clown of the week last week, but times are changing! Stay tuned, listeners, much more to come next week…


Wow what a week! Testimony from the FBI Director James Comey was “mildly nauseous” as he would say himself, and other topics concerned us this week:

  • The French election! Western democracy avoided fascism for the first time in….way too long
  • Russian hacking: nice try, but a big fail, in the MacronLeaks “controversy”
  • Zombie Trumpcare: Horribly passed the House – who knows what happens in the Senate? We need to take back Congress!


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