Watch: Rob Reich Exposes Trumpcare: Tax Cuts for the Rich, We Get Screwed

Boom! Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Dean of the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Policy, absolutely torched Trumpcare in an epic video that exposes the Republican health plan for what it truly is: A massive, trillion dollar tax cut for the rich. 

The disastrous, draconian bill House Republicans passed this week will not only strip health insurance from 20-30 million Americans, but it also contains more than a trillion dollars in tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% who are doing better than ever before in an economy that has grown irreversibly unequal. 

The fact that Paul Ryan and House Republicans have the audacity to so publicly pillage the poor and working class Americans who voted them into power is yet another example of the abusive relationship that American voters have with the Republican Party. 

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